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Are you nostalgic for flannel shirts, girl power, and the days when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were an item? Jennifer White, your '90s Hits host, takes you back with all your favorite rock, pop, hip hop and alternative songs that made the '90s hella sweet!

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Most of the music in our society today was generated during the 1990s, which is viewed by many, as the weirdest time in music history. Most of the music such as teen pop and dance pop continued to be popular during this decade. Hip hop continued to be the more popular style of music, which made the 1990s the so-called “golden age” for hip hop.

A majority of the styles that were popular during the mid to late 1980s continued to be popular, aside from rap, reggae, and R&B, and started to blend with soul, funk, jazz, etc. The music that is prefered by most of the younger generation, EDM, started in the 80s but really started to gain traction and popularity in the 1990s in different forms such as trance, happy, hardcore, and trip hop.

If you ask any millennial what generation they think is the best generation for music they would probably say the 90s, but if you ask maybe baby boomers or even earlier generations the same question they would probably answer the 70s or 80s. Although it is really hard to gauge which generation was the best, there is no doubt that the 90s had a lasting impact on the music industry going forward.

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