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Remember when Rock n’ Roll really rocked? '70s Rock plays the best rock n’ roll from the late '60s through the decade that defined rock and set the stage for generations to come. If you want Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, and The Boss you need Slacker’s ‘70s Rock.

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Remember the time of bell-bottom jeans and parachute pants? Well that era was the 1980s, which was when North America and Europe saw a substantial rise in disco. Disco is known as the most popular genre of music during this period. Other than disco there were quite a few different genres that were popular such as, funk, soul, smooth jazz, and jazz fusion.

Rock n’Roll continued stand ground as a lot of people’s go to style of music. In the mid-to late 70s many sub-genres of rock emerged such as punk rock, glam rock, art rock, heavy metal, and progressive rock. The unfortunate rise of hip hop began in the 70s but with disco at its peak hip hop didn’t become popular until the early 1980s.

Along with disco, the late 1970s was almost a nail in the coffin for classical music as it lost a lot of its momentum. The decline in classical music allowed for classical composers to start their own styles of such as experimental classical and minimalist music, which saw a rise with the invention of theoretical development. As technology advanced during the 70s coming out with synthesizers and harmonizers, EDM was born has was quite popular during this time and as we all know many people consider this to be a highly sought after style in our society today.

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